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Crystal Goodman has painted murals for over 20 years and studied with several artists including Italian muralist Nicola Vigini and Chicago muralist
Sean Crosby. She has spent several months in Europe and explored many art forms but trompe l’ oeil painting has become her favorite technique.
“To me it is a huge complement when people want to touch my art to see if the item is real.” Crystal uses this style in many of her murals and was
even commissioned by the city to create architectural trompe l’ oeil on several buildings that were white stucco but now have the look of 3D brick.
“One time while I was painting a faux brick over a stucco overhang, a gentleman stopped and asked me how did I remove all that stucco off all those
bricks so cleanly?” I just smiled and said, “ With an electric tooth brush.” 

Painting Murals in West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio have been part of her travels too working with renowned muralist Robert Dafford and
his team painting on the flood walls of the Mississippi River. Crystal’s biggest passion to date is murals for the children’s rooms of ‘Habitat for Humanity’.
Ms. Goodman believes strongly in giving back to the community that she lives in and with the help of volunteers and the kids themselves, she has been
able to paint one to three murals in a couple of days for each child’s room of a ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Home since 2005. 

“Painting is my oxygen and I can’t live without it. “ Murals, canvas paintings and specialty pieces.

To contact Crystal please call 325-340-2822 or leave a message on Facebook


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